Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Travel Day

First, sorry that this is out of order, seeing as the training day got posted before the travel day; but it has been decently busy so far.

Today was the day.  The day that a new adventure begins in my life.  It started out decently.  Five a.m. was kinda early in the morning to be heading out into the cold weather to try to catch an airplane to Mississippi.  We (Mama and I) purposely got to the airport super early because we knew that there was an issue with my ticket.  I had tried to check in online, but the first leg of my journey (from Binghamton to Philadelphia) was with a different airline than the rest of my flights.  Somehow the ticket for leaving Binghamton was showing that it was not paid for.  After an hour of trying to figure out what was wrong with my ticket, we finally figured it out and were able to resolve the issue without me paying anything more than the baggage fees. 

So then I go through security--no problem other than scanning my bag twice--and board the plane.  The pilot announces that the breaks didn't pass the pre-flight inspection and we needed to wait for a mechanic.  Because Binghamton is such a small airport, only 6 gates, we needed to wait.  Ended up unloading the plane, waiting for an hour, then re-boarding the plane.  Come to find out, the breaks weren't working because of the cold weather.  By the time the mechanic showed up, the breaks were working fine.  Anyway, that delay caused all my connections to be messed up.  Therefore on each of the other two flights, I needed to ask where I was supposed to go and if they had a ticket for me.  Somehow I got from Philadelphia to Atlanta before I was supposed to and somehow my flight to Jackson wasn't leaving until around 7:30 p.m.  Thankfully I was put on standby and made the 2:55 p.m. flight instead.  Finally got to Vicksburg and signed in.  Met my two room-mates and two of the three girls in the room next to ours (that we also share the bathroom with).  It should be interesting rooming here.  Most of the other 5 girls seem to be noisier and more girlie than I am.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Last night was a long night.  Some of the girls in the suite were traipsing in and out of the room for most of the night.  The bad part was that they thought that I was dead asleep, so they didn't seem to care how loud they were.  I was too tired to try to tell them to quiet down.  Thankfully, I was able to talk with my two room-mates and I think that we may have come up with a solution.  I guess we will find out in the next couple of nights.  Today was a good day, long but not as stressful as yesterday.  We spent most of the day with our temporary teams doing paperwork, sizing and picking up different parts of the uniforms and having our ID pictures taken.  All in all, I think today was a good day.  A lot of people are forming groups of friends, whereas I am doing my usual watching and interacting with lots of different people.

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