Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Yesterday Heather decided to prank me.  She didn't realize that I wasn't coming home until after my college night class, so I was more tired that she thought I was going to be.  After spending all day away, at work, the dentist and then class, I came home.  I ate some food, talked to my mom, applied for a different full-time position at Lowe's, and was ready to go to my room and fall in bed.  My sisters started following me to my room and I asked them why.  They told me that they wanted to make sure that I made it into my bed (yes I really was that tired!).  I thought nothing of it until I got in my room and saw googly eyes on the tops of a pair of my sneakers.  Heather put a total of 17 pairs of large googly eyes all over my room!  I was so tired I couldn't even laugh about it last night.  But this morning, I really enjoyed trying to find all of the pairs of eyes!

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