Tuesday, December 2, 2014


As the busiest time of the year for most people is now upon us, I just want to write a quick post on the blessings that I have had this past year.  I am going to borrow the style of the post from a good friend of mine and do 5 quick takes.

1) Family

This year one of my sisters came back from Texas were she was living for a year.  It has been a good and bad thing.  Good because she is my sister and I am glad to have her closer, bad because we are living in the same house again after getting used to living apart.  The rest of my family has stayed at home and I have really enjoyed spending time with them.

2) A Job

In September, I was faced with the decision to either stay at Lowe's but in a different posistion than the one I had and was really enjoying, or to find a different job.  Throughout the long process (which is still in the works) of staying at Lowe's, I am very blessed to have a job.  Especially a job with a company that is willing to compromise somewhat with me.

3) A Car

Back in June, my first car died on me.  Which then left me in the position of needing to have a car to keep my job, but needing the job to pay for the car.  The usual catch 22 situation that I often find myself in.  I am very grateful to God and my parents for helping provide me with a means of warm reliable transportation.

4) College

This past August, I started college again.  I am taking classes part time at Broome for Civil Engineering.  I am very blessed to enjoy both of my classes and to be able to pay for the classes without needing to go into any debt.

5) A Boyfriend

God decided that it was time for me to not be single anymore and blessed me with an amazing boyfriend.  I have been enjoying spending what time I can with my boyfriend and getting to know him better.  He has been one of my good friends for quite a while and we are both happy to see where God is taking the relationship.

It seems hard to sum up a long amount of time into a short post, but these 5 blessings have been the highlights of my past 6 months of life.  I am excited to see what the next months will bring.  I am sure it will be good with bad, but either way it will be an adventure!

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