Monday, November 12, 2012


The past month has been interesting and fun (for me at least!).  I decided for my second break to surprise my family by coming home for break without them knowing that I was coming. It was a great break!!
The week started off with the surprise, and then a Celtic Thunder concert, listening to live bluegrass music by some of my family's friends, not just one but two campfires and cookouts, spending a day outside working on the yard, and a fun family photo shoot.  I had a great time visiting with my family and am looking forward to when the program is over and I can spend some more time with them over the holidays.

Got safely back to the Vicksburg campus and started working on the meetings that we needed to present before heading out on our next project.  We headed to Dry Ridge Kentucky to work with Habitat for Humanity on building a house for a family whose house was destroyed by tornadoes that came through the area in March.  We have been here three weeks already and will be leaving on Wednesday to head to Saucier Mississippi to work with the Mississippi Children Home Services.

One thing that I am really excited and nervous about is that I was accepted as a Team Leader next year for the Sacramento campus working with FEMA.  It means that I will be away from my family for another year, but that I will be getting the training that I really want in order to do disaster relief work.

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